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We provide successful treatment for Writer's Cramp / Dystonia (Tremor / Cramp / Difficulty in Writing) , Parkinson Disease ,Kidney Failure -CRF,ARF , Cancer and Incurable Disease

When your hand refuses to write !

Writers cramp as the name suggest is something to do with writing.In this disease when a person attempts to write or other fine hand functions such as playing a musical instrument,the hand and finger muscles contract or extend halting the action or causing the abnormal posture of hand or wrist.patient adopt a particular posture to overcome the defect some patient notice that the hand freezes during an attempt to move across the page and decribe the hand as having "A MIND OF ITS OWN" .As soon as the writing instrument is removed from the hand the muscles relax.

This disease may start at any age.As the disease advances the condition of patient gets worse.These contractions / cramps can occur in hand , face , tounge , neck and various other parts and known as focal dystonia.

In this disease tremor / cramp / abnormal posturing of hand and forearm occurs during applying cosmetics,shaving , eating ,buttoning the shirt ,daily activities or using table cuttery ,the hand and finger muscles contract or extend halting the action or causing the abnormal posture of hand or wrist.In this disease when the hand is used for a skilled,occupationally related functions these muscular contractions occur.

Symptoms of writers cramp:-

1-Difficulty in writing due to cramp,discomfort,pain in hand,forearm,shoulder.
2-Tremor ,shaking of hand during writing,holding pen.
3-Writing becomes distorted,impossible to write before strangers.during stress.
4-Abnormal posture of hand / finger / wrist /thumb during writing.
5-Grip changes and pen drops during writing.
6-Pen / pencil fall from hand during writing.
7-Above symptoms get aggregated during anxiety, excitement ,before strangers.

Videos of writers cramp:-

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Causes Can be:-

1-Basal ganglion Dysfunction- a part of brain responsible for coordinated and harmonious working of all organs of body during any act.
2-Environmental toxins.
3-Neuro toxic drugs.
4-Pesticides used in crops.

According to the researches conducted in Sanjeevani Homoepathic & Neuro-Psychiatry Research Centre it is evident that writers cramp is curable.Improvement can be seen and felt within a week. More than 350 patients has been successfully treated so far.Our centre also provides successful treatment for neurological ,psychiatric,allergic,immunological,arthritis,liver and kidney complaints,tumors,skin and cancerous diseases.

* Medicines can be sent through courier or speed post.
* For consultation or medicine by courier patient is advised to write all his complaints in detail and send to centre with investigations and prescriptions.
* If the patient is suffering from tremor he is advised to write any paragraph with name and date for assessment of disease